Your Paypal Email

Duiadns is a free dynamic dns service. One of the best, when it comes to IPv6, we might say. You don't have to register with your credit card info or paypal account or any other payment method. We don't need this kind of information from you. Nevertheless, there are customers that choose to donate some money and support our project and we are grateful for that. But because your duiadns account is not linked to your paypal account, when we receive a payment we have to process it manualy ... and it might take hours. We have a deal with Paypal, they give us all the information we need when a payment is made but the difficult part is to identify your duiadns account based on that information. That's why we ask for your paypal email address. To add/change it, you must go to SETTINGS -> Paypal Mail:

Keep in mind that adding your paypal email address is not mandatory but if you add it, your payment will be automatically processed in seconds and your donation will be shown in your account very fast. If the paypal email address is missing and is also different from your duiadns email address the whole payment validation process can take quite some time. If one donation was made, your Paypal email address is automatically linked to your duiadns account.

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