INFO: If you want to REPORT an ABUSE related to our shared domains, used by duiadns customers:
you can email us at or use the abuse contact form below:


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PROTECT THE INTERNET! offers dynamic dns services and our shared domains (, & should be used by our customers exclusively for legitimate dynamic dns purposes, as we state in our Term & Conditions.

Nevertheless, from time to time, there are customers that violate our policies and use hostnames from our shared domains for malware, phising and other sort of abuses. We always try to block them before going online but is very hard to be close to 100% effective in this combat against abuses.

So, if you have any suspicion regarding the abusive content hosted on subdomains from our shared domains (,,, please report the URL to and our abuse team will treat your email with HIGH PRIORITY. Help us to keep our shared domains CLEAN and to make internet a better place for everyone!

You can also use our facebook page to report abuses!