Running Duiadns on Android Device

Download Dynamic DNS Client from the android market and install it on your device.

Open the application and use the following credentials (see the picture below):

  • Update domain:
  • Hostname: your hostname
  • Username: get this information from your account (Settings -> Account info / Token)
  • Password: your password
  • Public IP address: checked
  • Update Wi-Fi address: checked

If you want to update the ipv6 address, the only thing you need to change is:

  • Update domain:

If everything works as expected you should see a status panel like this (see the pictures below for both ipv4 / ipv6 status):

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Liviu Pislaru2017-03-05 23:02:06

@Jinsix Bai: good question, the username is the Token from "Settings -> Account info" which is basically the same with apple user.


Jinsix Bai2017-03-05 14:03:38

Which one is my "username"? The login name(Email) or the “fullname” or the apple user?

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