Running Duiadns Client as a Windows Service

Many of you want to run a dynamic dns client on a windows machine. Duiadns gives you three options to do that: a console client, a graphical client and a client that runs as a windows service as further described below in this blog post.

First, you need to download it and unpack the archive:
Go to download page and select client. This duiadns client is both x86/x64 compatible so you don't have to worry about that.

The archive contains the installer and a readme.txt file. Click on duiadns-installer.exe, add your hostname and password and select if you want to use duiadns client for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses or just for IPv4/IPv6 only.

The default path is C:\Program Files\Duiadns\ and after installation you'll see 5 files in this directory:

  • duia.cache - will save the current ipv4 / ipv6 addresses
  • duia.cfg - will save the hostname & md5(password)
  • duia.log - will save log information
  • duiadns.exe - to run the program
  • uninstall.exe - to uninstall the program

At this point, your duiadns client is already running as a windows service. You don't have to use a scheduler or anything else, the updater will check for new IPv4/IPv6 address every 60 seconds and send a DNS update if the ip address has changed.

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