Telegram Notification

Duiadns is a free dynamic dns service. One of the best, when it comes to IPv6, we might say. Another very useful duiadns feature is that you'll get noticed on telegram when your IP changes on any of your hostnames. If you don't know about Telegram yet, well, it is a service/application similar to Whatsup but better in many aspects. One big advantage is that with Telegram you can use a Bot (a robot) to send you notification. We have such a robot called on Telegram called ROBO-DUIA and we use it to notify customers when their IP addresses changes. How can we make this possible? It is not complicated, just follow the steps below:

1. Download the Telegram application from AppStore or Android Market on your phone (if you already have Telegram installed just skip this step):

2. Find out what your Telegram ID is:

First of all, your Telegram ID is a number. There are many ways to find out you Telegram ID (you can google it) but here's one we sugest:

  • Search for userinfo bot.
  • Write /Start and the bot will return your Telegram ID, which is a number

3. Link your Telegram ID to your duiadns account (SETTINGS -> TELEGRAM NOTIFICATION):

4. Go back to your telegram application on the phone, search for our duiadns telegram bot, ROBO-DUIA and start a chat with:

5. (Optional) You can force a dynamic Duiadns update (copy/paste in a browser an URL from DNS PANEL -> API DUIA) and you should get a notification from ROBO-DUIA. If you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact us.


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