Cname Record Feature

Some customers send us emails asking how can they take advantage of a cname record if they are not using a custom domain. The idea of a cname record for a DUIA Personal+ account would become more clear by following this example. Let's assume you have a duiadns account for whatever reason (ipv6 for lan feature for example that cannot be found elsewhere) and you want to use it on a router that already offers you a dynamic dns solution but with a strange autogenerated hostname like You can keep dynamic dns on your router with that hostname ( and make an alias (cname record) from your duiadns account (let's say to point to that target address (dns panel -> dns cname record).

Keep in mind that if you want one of your hostnames to be defined as a cname, all other records (A, AAAA) should be removed. Viceversa, if you want to add IP addresses (A/AAAA records) for a hostname that was previously defined as a cname, you need to delete the cname first.

Using this cname feature, you don't have to change the router's firmware to support duiadns and will always point out to the newest IP address of your router.

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