IPv6 for LAN is an unique feature that allows you to update your LAN's IPv6 addresses, asigned on devices that cannot run a dynamic DNS client (like NAS, Sensors, RIPE probe, etc.), simply by running our duiadns router client on your CPE. The router will update IPv6 addresses for the LAN hosts behind it if there are MAC entries added in web interface for those hosts.

See an example below:

You have DUIA PERSONAL account and three hostnames like:

  • home.duia.eu (for your home router / cpe)
  • ipad.home.duia.eu (for your ipad that cannot run a dynamic dns client)
  • ripe.home.duia.eu (for your RIPE atlas probe that cannot run a dynamic dns client)

Your home router is running an OS/firmware that support our duiadns router client like:

  • Linux
  • OpenWRT
  • Tomato
  • AsusWRT
  • Rasbian
  • Rasplex

Login to your account, then add MAC addresses of your LAN devices next to their hostnames:

  • ipad.home.duia.eu | 34:51:c9:a1:e1:21
  • ripe.home.duia.eu | 70:1a:04:f4:18:91

Run our duiadns router client on your home router / cpe, using credentials:

  • home.duia.eu
  • your password

Your home router will send a DNS update (IPv4/IPv6) for his hostname home.duia.eu and two more DNS updates (IPv6 only) for ipad.home.duia.eu and ripe.home.duia.eu. This way, you'll get DNS entries for your ipad and RIPE atlas probe without running any dynamic DNS client on it. Your home router, where duiadns client is running, will do the job.